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What are Windsor Brownes Big Offers?

All items in our Big Offers category have been discounted.

Often these discounts are only available for one week only and products will go back to full price once this offer is over.

What are Windsor Brownes Big Offers applied to?

Our Big Offers category includes a wide array of items.

There prices changes daily and items are added or removed from these offers every week.

Let's have a look at what type of products are often on sale.


We offer a huge variety of discounted furniture. Furniture items that are often included in this category are chests of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobes, closets, console tables, dressing table sets, wall cupboards and more.

Our collection includes a variety of furniture designs such as vintage, rustic, retro and industrial inspired pieces.

Often our furniture pieces have the highest discounts, with many items being reduced between 10% and 50%.

Mirrors & Clocks

Mirrors and Clocks are some of our bestselling home accessories.

We boast a wide array of mirrors and clocks in a selection of colours, sizes and designs.

Our most popular style of clocks are our skeleton clocks, wall clocks and our mantel clocks, however many of these items still get discounted often.

We stock a range of clocks available in black, silver, copper, gold as well as many other colours.

We stock a huge collection of mirrors, these designs include extra large floor mirrors, freestanding full legnth mirrors, wall mirrors, round mirrors, decorative mirrors and mirrors with built in shelves.

Our mirror collection spans industrial, retro, rustic, modern and vintage inspired styles.

Home Decor

Our Home Decor collection contains many different accessories designed for a wide variety of rooms and interior styles.

Home Decor pieces added to our Big Offers often have the highest discounts applied. Many of these products are better than half price and can be purchased for a fraction of their regular price.

Our Home Decor collection includes popular items such as Animal Heads, Wall art, shelving, candle holders, fake plants, lighting, plaques, hooks and more!

We stock Home Decor items for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallway spaces.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

How long it takes for your order to be delivered depends on what you have orders, if the item is in stock and where you live.

We try to get all orders to our customers as soon as possible.

On average smaller items can take between 1-3 working days to be delivered, while larger items could take between 3-12 days to arrive.

We make sure that all items available for sale online have their availability visible, so our customers can make an informed choice before they order.

We do offer Free Standard delivery on orders over £50 as well as a free 200 days returns policy.

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