This year interiors are taking a botanical turn as walls and furnishings are appearing in different shades of greens and natural colours. Coupled with a strong sense of the jungle, and the animal kingdom, you canít but help but admire the shades and patterns currently on offer.

Furniture in rustic finishes with dark walls , then coupled with pops of earthy colours or pure white completes the theme.

Palm trees and parrots are just some of the interior trends that complete this look, in fact anything that links to Jungle life, or wildlife. With Stag candle holders, Elephant wall art and a gold pineapple thrown in for good measure, what's not to love!

Even if you werenít considering a complete refurb or change of decor this year, why not look at taking on elements of this trend. Offer splashes of colour with Green glossy plants. Real plants are great, but good quality fake plants are a great (and maintenance free!) way of bringing the outdoors, in.
And, well who doesn't need a peacock lamp in their life somewhere!

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